Why Double sided??
Why not??

The Best Double Sided Mattresses

Wouldn’t you like to double the usable surface of your mattress? We would. In the early 90’s one of the big S’s decided that they could save money (read higher profits) by offering a single sided mattress but charge the same price as the double sided counterparts. As the years went by all competitors fell into line and began offering their version of the one sided mattress. During this one sided vs. double sided debate the “Specialty Foam” market emerged. First it was just Tempur-pedic, then the Chinese knock offs. At some point the big S’s decided to get into the “Specialty Foam” market, but all the while they were constructed using the same one sided design. We understand why a mattress company would only put the special foam on one side of the mattress, “Specialty Foam” is very expensive. By using it on only one side of the bed someone is saving a lot of money. PS: It’s not you.

The truth is, a double sided mattress will last longer and sleep more consistently than it’s one sided versions. Foam wears. Foam gets softer over time. Wouldn’t you like to have the natural wear distributed as evenly as possible? We would. We know that if you will flip your mattress and rotate it, the wear that will naturally occur, will be spread out more evenly. Have you ever read reviews of a mattress where the consumer felt like they were sleeping in a hole? We have. So we designed a mattress that can overcome that issue. Simply flip your new Swiss Bliss Mattress over once every 30 days for the first year that you own it. Done. That simple step will allow you to enjoy your new Swiss Bliss Mattress well past its 10 year warranty period. We have even heard from customers that will flip and/or rotate their mattress during their weekly sheet change.!.!.! Whoa, that’s bonkers. I guess there is no such thing as too much flipping.

While we recommend EVERY customer to flip and rotate their mattress, it is usually the couples that have a significant size difference that find the frequent flipping/rotating to be the most beneficial. No more “his spot” and “her spot”. How about “OUR SPOT”!

At Swiss Bliss Mattress Co. we have taken EVERY step that we have learned in our 65 years of experience and put it into The Original Swiss Made Mattress. We make the best double sided mattress and are confident that you will love it.